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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"FeFFy'S Kids SpA"

Heading yg cukup interesting utk all mommies out there especially yg ad ank pompuan.. Hehehe..

Came across dis website when watchin "Tom Tom Bak" with Dania. Spt biaser I mmg teruja sesgt.. Kuang Kuang.. n start berangan bl nk bwk ank kesygan kami pulak.. A special treat for her maybe.

"We're great at making your little princess feel super special. Whether it's a girl's day out, a reward for great performance, a special gift or the ultimate birthday party, she'll love being pampered in our little spa created especially for her! " (taken from

  Antara package Feffy's Kids Spa:

Feffy's Fancy Fingers
Let us shape, file, massage, buff & polish her nails while she relaxes in one of our little canopies ….RM20

Feffy's Spa Manicure
Or indulge in this which includes Fancy Fingers but with an added twist of a scrumptious hand scrub and hand mask! ………..RM40

Hip Hairdo
Why not let her go for a change of style with a braid, updo or twist….at RM15

Feffy's many facial packages
Learn basic skin care, then indulge in a gentle cleanser, then an all-natural, beautifying facial mask and a facial massage too! ….. starts from RM65

Feffy's Fun Feet
We will massage your feet and shape, buff & polish her toenails……RM30

Hair wash & blow……..RM25 -30

Note for annyss: leh ar kt togetha bwk our princesses babe.. hehehe..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Victoria, David Beckham Name Daughter Harper Seven

Xcited utk dis delivery.. Biasak ar, Beck n Vic kan antara favouritas aku.. kekeke.. Tp, mcm pelik plak dgn nm baby gurl diorg, "Harper Seven.." Tunggu xplaination dr diorg nnti.. huhuhu.. anyway, congrats cuz akhirnya dpt gujak baby gurl yg diidamkan dek pasangan ini..

Story photo: Victoria, David Beckham Name Daughter Harper Seven

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz . . . and Harper!

Hours after Victoria Beckham gave birth to a healthy baby girl in L.A. Sunday morning, David Beckham announced his daughter's name via Facebook.

"I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham," the soccer star, 36, wrote. "She weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and arrived at 7:55 this morning, here in LA. Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister xx."

Little Harper Seven is the first girl for David and Victoria, 37, who've been married for 12 years and have been raising sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6. No word yet on what inspired the name "Harper," but her numerical middle name is a reference to her dad's old soccer jersey number when he played for Manchester United and England. (Beckham had to give up the "7" jersey number when he joined Spain's Real Madrid team, because the number was already assigned to team captain Raul.)

(taken from Us Magazine-11 July, 2011)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Off 2 JaY Bee

Moga selamat sumenye, InsyaAllah

GuEss By MaRCiaNo..

Bufday gift yg xseberape dr aku. Xde le surprise pun cuz husband yg pilih sendiri kerana yg aku pekenan (FOSSIL) jarum saat lak problem.. 2nd choice husband agak melampau hrga (Huhuhu.. sowey bang..)  So, husband top up la, skit.. Kekekekeke..

*Next month dah August.. confirm laki aku pening nk beli ape utk aku gujak Nia.. kekekeke..


Xde pe pun nk cite pepagi ni cume sessi luahan perasaan je.. Kuang Kuang.. Patut ke x patut.. Hmm.. Tp naluri tu lebey mengatakan "NO.." xpe la, maybe rezki tu ad kt tempat len. Lebey2 lg xpernah lg keje on Saturday..

So, conclusion di situ adalah "Weekend is for family.." Waktu 2gatha ngn husband n anak tu yg penting..

*Pelik tul, company pny la gah tp still practise 5 n 1/2 days working hours.. HUH..!